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Brand New Hometroller PI - can't see it

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    Brand New Hometroller PI - can't see it

    Brand new Hometroller PI fresh out of the box.

    It looks to boot ok, green light is on, ethernet activity light is blinking, but can't find it and I don't spot an obvious entry on my router

    I have a monitor plugged in and it's sitting at the login prompt. If I plug in a keyboard, after a few seconds the whole thing looks to power down (maybe not enough power to run a backlit USB keyboard)?

    The HS PI is plugged into the same switch as my PC.

    I assume somehow it's not picking up a dhcp address??? But it's hard to tell since it crashes when I plug in a kbd.

    The only failure I see on the screen is rotate logfiles.

    Any ideas?

    Were you able to connect to it?
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      I was able to get a non-backlit keyboard to not crash the HS PI and find it's address and connect to it. Those USB ports must have extreme power limits :-)