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Log all CM15A commands?

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    Log all CM15A commands?

    Hi folks,
    I'm new to the Hometroller Zee S2 world and Zwave, but long, long, long time user of X10 and starting to transition to Z.

    I have a lot of X10 modules in use and 3 Zwave now.
    Works mostly fine.
    However, when I use an X10 desktop controller and press the ALL-OFF, I want to capture that, and then via Event, turn off my Zwave modules, too.

    However, the CM15A controller doesn't seem to catch the ALL OFF command.

    Debugging question - how can I create an event that simply captures ALL X10 commands received via the CM15A and just log them?
    There doesn't appear to be any event function that simply allows me to write an entry into the log.

    Any helps, suggestions, advice would be most appreciated.

    I too would like to be able to see the X10 commands that HS sees. I am using a CM11 though and I turned on debugging, etc. in the config file but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


      Unfortunately the current plugin does not provide a way to log all incoming X10 commands. I do have this on the enhancement list for the plugin, but it will be a while before that is addressed. Please see this post regarding development of the X10 plugin:

      If you would like to be updated when work begins on this, please add your email address to the CC list for Bug 2283.
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        Hello, any updates on this one? The links to the thread and bug above don't seem to work. Would love to be able to view x10 activity in the logs on my Zee S2.



          Going on 3 1/2 years since I posted this one. No changes so far. The only way I could see if I was receiving X-10 codes was by specific events for each.
          I suspect that since the X-10 market is dwindling and dwindling fast, we're unlikely to see much in the way of plugin improvements.
          And dwindling is rightfully so for this ancient, un-updated, unsecure technology. I probably had 3 dozen devices and now down to a handful.


            I too wanted to log button presses on X10 mini-remotes. I came up with a solution.

            It's awkward, but I succeeded in doing this by creating a separate counter for each X10 remote button that I wanted to have the system create a log entry for. Then I created a separate event for each X10 button, and the only thing the event does is increment the counter associated with that button. This creates a log entry each time the X10 button is pressed. You need a counter and an event for each button and each state, i.e. X10 Button P-1 ON needs it's own counter and event, Button P-1 OFF needs it's own counter and event, etc.

            I suppose if you don't care what button state (on or off) is pressed, you could just create 1 counter and event for that button, and trigger the event from either an ON or OFF button press. Takes half as many counters and events that way.