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Ignore Script taking longer than expected prompt/error

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  • Ignore Script taking longer than expected prompt/error

    I have a simple script that includes hs.wait 600 seconds to wait 10 minutes before another action. I get prompted that it is taking longer than expected. Is there a way to ignore/disable this prompt and have it do what I told it to do?

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    Break it up into two events, where the action of the first is 'run another event', and set a delay (press the red airplane to reveal that option). The secondary event has the actions desired.


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      OK, so in the first event I run an initial script, then at the bottom I tell it to "Run another event" which has an option to "Delay Delay event period: Hours 0 Minutes 10 Seconds 0". Does that mean it will delay 10 minutes before "Run another event"? That is what I want.


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        It worked OK. Thanks for the tip.


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          Great! Yes that is correct, as you found.