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Multiple "Plugin Start Is Pending" - Solved

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  • Multiple "Plugin Start Is Pending" - Solved

    I was having multiple Plugins stuck in the "Plugin start is pending" status. I am posting this here in hopes of helping others who have this issue.

    1. I noticed 8 of 15 plugins in this Pending status
    2. Restarted HS, Rebooted PC, restored backup, installed later version of HS, uninstalled and reinstalled plugin - no change except different plugins and different numbers were stuck.

    I searched the forums and could only find threads related to individual plugins stuck.

    Path to solution:
    1. Ultimately spoke with Tyler at HS who suggested it is likely one plugin that is stuck, and since they are in a queue the ones behind it end up stuck as well.
    2. I disabled all plugins
    3. Began enabling them one by one and waiting for the Pending message to clear.
    4. Finally found the offending plugin
    5. Fixed the offending plugin
    6. Re-enabled all the rest top confirm no more
    7. Restarted HS just to confirm problem fully solved

    What was the root problem?
    1. Had a router brick and had to replace with another
    2. Forgot that I was using DHCP reservations in my router
    3. One of my plugins was using a device that had an IP set by DHCP reservation
    a. Since that device no longer had a reservation in the new router, it was assigned a different IP address
    4. This caused the Plugin to get stuck
    5. Re-entered the DHCP reservation
    6. Restarted that device
    7. Problem solved

    I am entering this post simply as a reference for anyone having this problem in the future. The key learning for me was the queueing concept for the plugins.

    Thanks Tyler, I hope this helps others.


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    Did you open a bug report with the plugin author? While ideally HS shouldn't let one plugin hold up others, it would be also good if the plugin in question handled this case better.