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HS3 not emailing

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    I considered this, let me know your thoughts:
    Taking my Zee S2 to neighbors house, plug it into their network. Log into the Zee-S2 from there and manually send an email, and see if it goes through.
    If it does, this would tell me I have a network problem at my house. If it doesn't, then still could be a umber of things, both houses have a network problem, HS3 could have an issue, etc. etc,
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      While anything is possible, I think it unlikely that a home networking issue is what's blocking you. More likely is that the receiving email server (google in this case) is rejecting your source domain as a "spam" source.

      Attached is my config. I run on Windows, but I just tried this on my "test" HS3-Linux (rpi) system and it works here too.

      Note that I'm using my ISP mail server rather than google's. In the past I had success using a google server, but tried it just now and nothing came across.

      My ISP is Spectrum, so I searched for "spectrum smtp server settings" and found this page which provides the needed info (outgoing server).

      Somewhat surprisingly, I don't need to provide authorization credentials. Note that this isn't an encrypted connection, so don't send anything sensitive!

      (Side note - I also have some non-homeseer rpi's configured to send email using the "postfix" package.)

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks, will try when i get back home


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          still looking this over to see if i missed something, but here's the error messages I am getting. At first I had SSL checked, as Comcast said to, then I unchecked SSL, and got a different error Click image for larger version

Name:	email using comcast.JPG
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            This looks like the info for Comcast:

            So SMTP Server should be
            Looks like port should be 587.
            You may need to provide your Comcast email username/password in the SMTP username & password fields. For Spectrum, I found it worked without these, though their instructions indicate they are required.


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              alright, the Comcast email is working!!! (I had not fully gone thru and activated the new "house@comcast,net" email account.) It is taking close to 4 minutes, seems longer than it should. And the emails are not showing up in the "sent" folder. But it is working

              So... this should tell us it's a google Gmail problem. wish we could get the gmail working
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