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    I've programed in over 50 languages in 30 years in IT. I don't think of programing, rather logic when I am configuring events.

    NEVER has been discussed a few times in this forum.


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      I added NEVER separately to the Event Clinic as well. Even though I had included it under Actions.
      Randy Prade
      Aurora, CO

      PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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        Originally posted by rprade View Post
        I added NEVER separately to the Event Clinic as well. Even though I had included it under Actions.
        Thanks,, exactly what I was looking for. Seems a lot of people question it's usefulness and what it does !! Seems to me a line item checkbox would get rid of the need for the never and at the same time be more useful for troubleshooting...

        Don't mean to upset just the way I am,, I question everything.. You'd love to be in a corporate meeting with me,, I ask questions like why, how, who, will that work,, need I go on.. I can never understand why corporate types don't like questions that have "W"s...

        Small note in my defence; Not only did I use the the search engine of this forum yet I did search for never with no results, I did a homeseer never Google and didn't have any results (Which now that I think of it, it is odd in itself.. Somebody at sometime had to use the word "Never".) , I'm not surprised at the local SE (Although seems somewhat better lately..) ,, yet Google should have been a red flag.. I'll have try again..

        And yes I am guilty for not spending more time in the event clinics , it may have saved my time with an and if or if ,, that to get it to work in HS 3 I had to do the and if on both sides of the or ,, or something like that.. I've seen it posted that it doesn't work ,, yet others have figured it out like I did {HSoKs}.. Sometimes I question the logic yet so far I have not had too many events or scripts that I ended giving up on.

        Come on one's got to admit the "Never" logic just sounds so cool, If This / Never That (ITNT something new from the Fruit people ,, TNT that only blows oneself up. Repeat sales are low..).

        I did get a reply from support ,, They stated they would pass it along..

        "I've programed in over 50 languages in 30 years in IT." Is exactly why I question it.. I started in the days before software ,, we used digital hardware to move ADC data into memory to delay, multilay , time shift, only to DAC it out to a graphic recorder,, CPUs right ,, all wire wrapped gates , flip-flops, counters mostly TTL with a little RTL.. 1st CPU I held was ~2" wide by ~5" long , it seemed at the time to have a lot of pins yet it really didn't the TI 10000 4 bits.. PDP-11/24 after that.. Boy programing for me mostly years of pre GUI coding in simple Basic , MS Basic, years of "Mod'ed Atlas" little early VB.. Mostly a hardware guy who has a knack at making things talk (Including networking items, most of my IT {When not under the hood of a computer.} is networking.) and / or a can do , will not give up attitude..

        Last Question: How does one insert multi QUOTE items ?