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Alternative to Virtual Devices / Triggering actions natively rather than via events

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  • jvm
    The Easy Trigger plugin may provide a solution that allows you to avoid writing so many events.

    Using the Easy Trigger plugin, you can define a group consisting of your 8 virtual devices, then you can write a single event that triggers if any member of the group is changed. The changed member of the group is then identified by a set of Easy Trigger global variables and you can use that identification information to act on the proper physical device.

    As an example of how this is done, the following sample event monitors a group of dimmers and prevents them from being set less than 10%. The event begins with a trigger using an Easy Trigger defined group and if any of the dimmers is set below 10%, it then executes a CAPI physical device control script which acts on the device identified by Easy Trigger's global variable "ETdeviceref" to set that device to 10%. Maybe something similar would work for you.

    The Easy Trigger User's Guide is found here: and it is available as a free trial.

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  • Alternative to Virtual Devices / Triggering actions natively rather than via events


    I'm looking at creating some virtual devices (or an alternative to them if people have a suggestion) to allow me to control a set of 8 electric windows that can be either open or closed. The devices themselves can be controlled via a URL, and i've found (via the forums) that I can use events / condition change detection to initiate the changes, but this will mean i'll need 16 different events which isn't the most elegant of solutions.

    I was just wondering if there was a smarter way to do this / if there was a way to program in the status change to run a specific action (i.e. run a script or hs URLaction) natively within the device itself, rather than indirectly via the event method? I'm happy to use a plugin or another approach if that would be better. I tried to find a variable that I could program into the device itself, and was wondering if I could use the Status Variable itself for that purpose, and passing it as part of the URL, and then changing the URL to include it to be parsed, but it looks like the Status variable can only be a numerical value.

    If this isn't possible, and I just need to create the events, then so be it - I just thought i'd check before I went ahead and created all the settings.