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Strange power readings from Fibaro plugin's

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  • Strange power readings from Fibaro plugin's

    So in my walk-in-closet I have:
    1) My Homeseer server (Intel NUC8i3BEH, with 500GB Samsung M2 NVMe SSD plus a Samsung 2TB 840 SSD on SATA)
    2) My fiber to ethernet converter for my Internet connection (ISP)
    3) My ASUS Router (AC88)
    4) A LED strip for the walk-in-closet

    Now under normalt usage, the LED strip is of course turned off, so I will not mention that device.

    ALL power measure devices, all five (the four above plus the one that sits as a summary function into the wall) are Fibaro Wall Plugs FGWP-102. They are all running the same parameters. So One Wall Plug is connected to the wall outlet and supplies all the other four.

    Under a normal day, when the usage for the server (#1) and all four devices (#1-#4) fluctuates, the device that measure all four devices will indicate power on/off changes about a couple of 100-times aday. The wall plug is never turned off or on at all - it is just that HomeSeer indicates this, all the time. So using the HS3 GUI is useless - if it is power off, the server dies, fiber converter and ASUS router - I will lose sound, and HS3 control for at least a minute or two for each reaboot. I have NO reboots, I rather have like weeks of uptime. So this indication is wrong. I have informed HomeSeer about this, nothing happens.

    The second thing, and the reason I write this, is that something in the power numbers are incorrect. For example, for this moment when I write this text, the power usage according to HS3 GUI is:
    1) HS3 server uses 6.5 W
    2) Fiber converter uses 2.7 W
    3) ASUS router uses 15.6 W
    4) LED strip is off, so usage is zero
    And the fifth wall plug, that measures ALL above, well it indicates a usage of 53.3 W - however anyone with math knowledge that sums up above 4 wall plugs, comes to 24.8 W and NOT 53.3 W.

    So the question is:
    a) Does a Wall Plug use (53.3-24-8)/4=7.125 W?
    b) Does HS3 have a problem with reporting the correct power wattage - considering the FACT that I mention above with the indicating off/on switches all the time from Fibaro Wall Plugs?

    I my self think HomeSeer has a serious bug in the software when it comes to power reading from a Fibaro Wall Plug.
    Btw. changing places on the wall plugs makes no difference - the behavior is more or less a constant.

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    All I can say is in my experience different power metering devices report different power levels. In my opinion, power reporting is not accurate. Its a good indication of usage, nothing more. I could be wrong, but that is what it looks like to me. I have not tried comparing modules of the same manufacturer. But I wouldn't be surprised if each one reports slightly different power usage levels. I dont think that is a HS problem, rather than a hardware/manufacturer issue


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      Btw just turning on one Fibaro Wall Plug consumes 1.4 W - without any kind of load attached to the wall plug (it's empty).