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Event grouping best practices

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  • Event grouping best practices

    This may not be the proper forum however. My question is this.
    Is there a best practice for grouping events. I have created quite a number over the years and things
    seem to have become quite convoluted and hard to debug if you are not constantly using the system
    it is easy to forget and there does not seem to be an easy way to document things as when you are
    actually writing code.

    As such is there a Homeseer best practice for this.


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    I group by device type and then add room when needed

    So a groups called:
    Lights den
    Lights Office
    You might look at the script jon00 created called "event viewer", allows you to search filter and document events.
    HS3 SEL running Pro Edition on Ubuntu 18.04, mono 5.20, 656 devices, 209 events.
    Plug-Ins: Chromecast, Device History, EasyTrigger, Ecobee, JowiHue, LutronCaseta, MeiUnifi, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, SDJ-Health, Sonos, WeatherFlow, weatherXML
    Scripts: SparkMan's Lock Event, 5 of Jon00 scripts.


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      I took the approach of:
      • Base Routines
      • HVAC
      • Safety
      • Triggers
      I try to keep Routines generic and called manually, and then call them via various Triggers by making Base Routines that can be reused over and over in multiple events. For example, the Living Room Lights is a basic routine that I use in several other events.

      I then use Triggers, ie time, motion, occupancy, Day/Night, etc., to call those Base Routines.

      Safety is used for things like turn XYZ off if it has been on for an hour, or if Temp exceeds this run this event.
      HVAC in my home is complex enough that it deserved its own group.