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Feature Request: Rescan changing icons disable plus icon request.

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  • Feature Request: Rescan changing icons disable plus icon request.

    Currently whenever you rescan HS3 changes the icon back to the default. I find that many times this is a royal PITA if you've change the icon to represent what the device actually does. Here is an example: I have wall switch, outlets and inline switches that control non-lighting devices such as a pump. Any time I rescan those get set back to a lightbulb icon and I have to go in and reset in again.

    I'd like to see a checkbox that would disable that option when there is already an icon set. If it's a new install it would still set the default icon. If you needed to have the icon set then you would uncheck the checkbox. I wouldn't think this would take long to implement. It's just adding the checkbox and testing it when it's time to change the icon.


    Could we please get an icon for a switch so we could use it rather than a lightbulb for non-lighting functions.
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    IP Address: | Number of Devices: 417 | Number of Events: 667 | Available Threads: 399 | HSTouch Enabled: True

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    Z-Net version: 1.0.23 using a HomeSeer SmartStick+: 6.04 (ZDK 6.81.3)

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