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5+ plugins with HS3 Zee S2

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  • 5+ plugins with HS3 Zee S2

    Is there any way to run 6 plugins on a Zee S2? I don't care if it runs slowly, I need 7 and don't want to buy another system.

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    I think , maybe you could use a mqtt plugin to talk to other system.. ( Big5 ( this one can talk to 5 protocols: Mqtt, http, serial, Tcp, slack) or mcsmqtt)
    or Jeedom plugin wich can talks to Jeedom ( there are many plugin here).

    I don't remember someone being able to run more than 5 plugins on the zee *(edited) that came with a licence*


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      You can run more plugins if you buy the full version of HS. The Zee version is limited to 5. There are many others running the full version on a Rpi with no issues.
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        Would it be possible to use my Zee S2 as a network Zwave adapter and run full HS as a linux VM with the full version of HS?


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          This is possible, but you would need to flash the memory card in you Zee S2 with the Z-Net image. I think there is a thread discussing this but I can't find it now.