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Not supporting value 1255 for graphics when value is called

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  • Not supporting value 1255 for graphics when value is called

    Reference is against SOMFY Shades integration with the ZRTSI II zwave controller.

    Due to some fine work from another HS3 user, there was a syntax code value of “1255” discovered that allowed you to send the “MY” stop command to somfy shades for the preset stop function that was setup from the somfy remote. HS3 allows that value to be setup as a command that can be sent to the zwave controller for a given shade.

    I am looking for why I cannot call a status graphic for that value when the value is sent to the device. Clearly the function works and I see in logs that the value is sent successfully, but HS3 does not allow for that graphic if setup to be displayed.

    I understand that 0-255 is valid values, but clearly we can send other syntax “HEX” values greater than that successfully.

    Can HomeSeer optimize/enhance the code to allow any value that have a graphic associated with it to be displayed. I have provided a snapshot of that value configuration for a shade as well as a snapshot from the log showing the value being transmitted as well.

    Please help as this would be a great enhancement for these types of variations that can exist. I feel this is a bug, but one can interpret that differently in terms of how you view this.
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    I would guess it’s an issue with the z-wave plugin as other values work for virtual devices. I would report to HS by sending an email to
    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net