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  • XCP-ng VM

    I'm looking for some help or direction with a new setup.

    I'm trying to setup XCP-ng as a server. I created a Windows 10 64 bit VM for Homeseer migrated the original HS3 folder to the VM.

    I can access the HS3 VM within my own network and thru the cloud MyHS.

    However I seem to have a glitch with the database only 40 of my 653 devices show up and many of the rooms are not in the drop down list.

    The startup log shows this error.

    Error GetConnection error Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll': The specified module could not be found.

    Any thoughts on what I need to look for?

    I thought HS3 would run on windows 10 will it run on 64 bit?


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    I downloaded SQLite and installed it on the VM running HS3.... I still get the same error...


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      Although I use xcp-ng for other things I don't run Homeseer on it. But for your issue you mention you migrated HS3 folder over. What exactly did you do? Did you just move the folder over or did you run the installer for the version on the old machine and then copy your old HS folder on top of it?

      The second method is how I always have done it so that HS can install anything it needs to. So if you haven't tried that I would give that a shot. Just make sure you have the installer for the current version of HS you are running for "prod" or upgrade to a current version then install that same version on the VM. Once it is install copy over the old hs folder into the VM and see what happens. I can't see why it should have an issue on xcp-ng, but I can give it a try if needed.



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        Many thanks for the advise...

        I started with

        Method 1 copy the entire folder over to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Homeseer Hs3" folder

        I will try your suggestion Method 2 after I upgrade my system to the current version .5xx

        Do you have any reservations on not running this as a VM?



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          I do use VM's for many things, but for as much as we rely on HS and how much I have in it I prefer to have it on its own dedicated machine. So that I know some strange VM issue isn't causing performance issues or errors. I also like to be able to do work on other machines or the hyper-visor and not worry about taking HS down for an extended period of time. I know many people do run HS as a VM and don't have issues, but for me I will probably keep mine on a dedicated machine for the foreseeable future.