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Configure Motion Event to account for Manual Switching and Occupancy

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  • Configure Motion Event to account for Manual Switching and Occupancy

    I have an Ecolink motion sensor in my garage. An event turns the ceiling lights on when motion is detected, and off after five minutes. This works well, however, I would like the lights to stay on when the garage is occupied (based on continuous motion), AND when the lights are turned on via the wall switch (Homeseer non-dimmer). Can someone please guide me on how to configure the event to accomplish this? Thank you! Dave

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    I have a virtual device that allows/disallows motion control, used as a condition for the on/off events. I control the VD by voice (alexa) and/or by multi-tap on an HS-WD200+.


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      Can you expand on how you configured the Virtual Device? Thanks!


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        I wrote this 3 or 4 years ago, but the logic is still sound. I now use HomeSeer scene capable switches. The virtual devices for motion enable/inhibit are now controlled by central scenes on the switches.
        Randy Prade
        Aurora, CO

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          I achieve this by decoupling my switches and lights. The switch on the wall acts as a central scene controller only, the lights themselves are controlled by an Arduino switching an LED driver in the roof cavity.

          When the wall switch is tapped and the central scene command recieved, a virtual device is turned on (Manual-Lighting-Bedroom). When this virtual device switches on, it turns on the light, and reverse ways for switching off.

          When motion is detected, a different virtual device is switched on(Motion-Lighting-bedroom), which can also switch on/off the physical light, IF the first virtual device is in an off state. In this way the first VD acts as a logic check for whether the second VD should actuate the physical light. Voice control triggers the Manual-Lighting device.


          Physical Switch or Voice -> Manual-Lighting-Bedroom -> Physical Light

          Physical Motion Sensor -> Motion-Lighting-Bedroom -> Physical Light (IF Manual-Lighting = Off)

          Again only works with the switch and light being decoupled, so requires some changes to your wiring. I do have an actual physical switch in the lighting circuit tucked in a cupboard, should my Homeseer server ever go down (Hasn't happened out of schedule yet).

          Also means that should I ever sell and move, a lighting controller/server of some kind will need to remain with the property.