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Send Email body no longer visible/editable, but still works

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    Send Email body no longer visible/editable, but still works

    I have an event where I send out an email, and I need to edit the message body. I opened the Event Editor tonight and found that in the Send Email action, nothing is visible other than the text that says "Send an email to <email address> from <email address> with the subject <subject>"

    The single word "Message:" appears below, but there is no body text.

    If I manually trigger the event, I get the email with all the details.

    Is there someplace I can recover the message body where it's stored?

    It's a status email and has a lot of replacement variables in it I don't want to have to reproduce from scratch. Thanks for your help.

    Ping. Does anyone know where the message body is stored for emails in events?


      I just created an event to send an email. The subject and body are both freely editable.
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        The message body and all other Event information is stored in the HS database ‘blob” as far as I know. Usually you end up with what you describe when you open the event

        Click image for larger version  Name:	9A184348-7B6A-4AE1-B4A6-934E9EA7B789.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	26.1 KB ID:	1253204

        Then you expand the action to edit. Does yours not expand?

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2527D16B-2C2E-460C-BE5E-9F98989DA514.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	35.9 KB ID:	1253205


          Hi Uncle Michael, Yes. The same is true for me if I create a new one. No problem there. The issue is that an existing one I created a while back is no longer editable. Using your screenshot above as a reference, everything after the label "Message:" is missing - the actual message textbox, the Save Message button, the Attach File: label, and the Edit button are missing. I have several email messages in my scripts and the full form appears for others.

          While I cannot edit the Message body, it's there and works when I run the event, but I need to make some changes.

          My message body is HTML with CSS and uses many replacement vars. I thought it might be an invalid character that is causing the HS3 web-based interface to not display the form properly, but what is odd is that it was editable for some time after the last change and only later became inaccessible for editing.

          I can't get to the original HTML to make the changes or look for offending characters, so I was hoping to retrieve the message text (HTML/CSS) directly from its storage location so I can make changes and remove or encode problem characters.
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            Note that there are no controls for editing the email. The message is not blank. Has anyone had this happen, and what do you do about it short of starting all over creating a new email? The last time, I may have taken the HTML from a sent message and redone all the replacement variables, but wanted to know if anyone has a remedy. Thanks!


              I think your idea that an invalid character in the body confusing the rendering is a likely culprit. Using Google Chrome, right click in the event area and select "Inspect". Hopefully this will allow you to see your original message content. Worst case, you would copy-paste this to a new action and edit from there.