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Sunrise-, Sunset- Event does not run all actions

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    Sunrise-, Sunset- Event does not run all actions

    I use two events (triggers are sunrise and sunset) für opening and closing my rolling shutters. This worked well for about 10 years. Since a few mounths only 1-3 rolling shutters are opening or closing automatically. Manually triggering the event gives the same result.
    At the beginning I suspected the SW10 s (X10 switches), but they still work fine using HSTouch or pressing them manually.
    I already tried splitting each event (adressing 6 SW10 at once) into 6 events (each with one second delay), but this didnt solve the problem.

    Now I have 12 single events. Each one adresses one SW10 and tells it to open or close the rolling shutter. If I run one of the events, nothing will happen.
    If I push one of the HSTouch buttons adressing a SW10 it will open, close and even dim.

    Does anyone have an idea how to make it work again.


    Well, it clearly has nothing to do with the sunrise and sunset triggers, since the events don't work manually either. Have you monitored one of the X10 switches in the Device Manager when you run an Event? Does the status change? Does the Last Date change? Can you post a screenshot of one of the events that do not work?


      In addition to Randy's questions, it would also be helpful to know if there is any useful information in the HS log. Are you using the latest version of the X10 plug-in? Which power line interface are you using?

      I suggest you also post this question in the X10 forum. Mark Fisher is more likely to see it there and he may be able to offer more insight.
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        I will also add that we should defer to Michael's knowledge of X10. I have none.


          Thank you for the hint to ask the question in the X10-forum. You will find it here:

          I will ad the wanted information an logs there.



            Again moved: