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    Event Options

    At the bottom of every Event there is a set of options to affect an Event's behavior. At the bottom of the event, click the Expand Triangle Click image for larger version  Name:	expand-round-triangle.png Views:	474 Size:	598 Bytes ID:	1270189 to the Left of Options.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	EventOptions1.PNG Views:	473 Size:	9.7 KB ID:	1270190
    You will see all of the options that can be applied to the Event.Click image for larger version  Name:	EventOptions.PNG Views:	641 Size:	17.2 KB ID:	1270188
    • Priority Event- This is really a carryover from previous versions of HS. In older versions, Events were processed sequentially and this option would have the Event bypass the queue if selected. In HS3 Events are launched instantly, so this option will have little or no effect.
    • Security (Randomize Time Triggers) - This is designed to apply a random offset to time triggers (AND IF the Time is...) based upon two settings in HS General configuration - Security Offset +/- (minutes) and Security Offset Enable. This option is designed to add or subtract a random amount of time (within the range set in Security Offset) from time triggers to randomize the trigger time. As of the last testing in July, this option is not working correctly. See this thread.
    • Include in Powerfailure Recovery - This also works in conjunction with General configuration settings. There are 4 options: Enable event catch-up upon power restoration, Number of hours to catch-up, Do not allow scripts to run during recovery and At startup, delay recovery by # seconds. A screenshot is below. These settings should be self-explanatory. If this option is selected on a Time Triggered Event, if an Event that should have triggered within the Number of hours to catch-up in General configuration. An Example would be if HomeSeer was down at 8:00PM when a lighting Event should have run and HomeSeer is restarted 30 minutes later, this Event would be run as soon as HomeSeer is running again.
    • Remove This Event After Triggering - This is primarily used with HomeSeer created Delayed Events and Delayed Device Actions. When selected, this Event will delete itself after it runs the first time.
    • Cannot Re-Run For: - This is useful to prevent runaway Events or to set a frequency you wish an Event to be allowed to run. If you set this value to 30 seconds, the Event can only run once every 30 seconds, regardless of how many times its Trigger and Conditions are true or if the event is manually triggered.
    • Include as Voice Command - This option needs to be enabled if you want the Event imported into Echo, Google or other voice control platforms. You also have the option to select a Voice Command:friendly name just under the actual Event name.
    • Do Not Log This Event - This Option will prevent the Event from generating HS Log entries when it is run.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Options.PNG Views:	476 Size:	12.4 KB ID:	1270192

    Events also have a Notepad attached to them if you want to create Event notes to document the structure.

    Just above the Event name there is an icon Click image for larger version  Name:	note.gif Views:	474 Size:	723 Bytes ID:	1270196

    Click image for larger version  Name:	notes.png Views:	498 Size:	19.8 KB ID:	1270193

    Click on the icon to open a text box for entering any notes you need for the Event

    Click image for larger version  Name:	notes1.png Views:	471 Size:	30.0 KB ID:	1270194

    After you have added notes the icon changes to show there are notes Click image for larger version  Name:	note-filled.gif Views:	468 Size:	1.2 KB ID:	1270197

    Click image for larger version  Name:	notes3.png Views:	481 Size:	21.7 KB ID:	1270195
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