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Event - Default zwave switch

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    Event - Default zwave switch

    Hi All

    Apologies if this request has been asked previously, but just finding my feet and have recently start using and exploring HS3

    I was wondering whether you can provide assistance with creating an event in HS3 to accomplish the following:

    I’m installing a Fibaro zwave double switch to control my Air-conditioning on a split level home. (ground floor and second floor)

    What I am trying to achieve is that I need at all time one switch always on the ‘On” positioning to avoid the A/C running and both levels closed.

    The switches will be controlling a damper (A damper is a valve or plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct pipe)

    Switch 1 will do the bottom level of my house and switch 2 will do the upstairs
    • If Switch 1 is On then Switch 2 can be off - OK
    • If Switch 2 is ON then Switch 1 can be OFF - OK
    • If both Switches 1 & 2 are OFF , then Switch 1 must be turned ON (both switch cannot be OFF) - this will protect the A/C from running and no air circulating, which can damage the A/C unit

    Looking for assistance to create the above event to run in the back ground to ensure both switch are never in the OFF position


    With the event system you need one event with two triggers:

    If switch1 is set/changed to off
    and switch 2 is off
    If switch2 is set/changed to off
    and switch 1 is off
    switch1 on

    Now the downside to this is your compressor is now tied to the reliability of HS, I would highly recommend a physical relay added to the say the thermostat cooling enable wire who's relay side is driven by the switch1/switch2 outputs as well as the dampeners.