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Best way to handle multiple IF statements

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    Best way to handle multiple IF statements

    I had bought some Xiaomi leak detectors which I want to put in different locations. I'm looking for recommendations with an event which will (when water is detected) send an e-mail/pushp message stating which room or device detected the leak. In other words:

    If location1 has detected water
    email "location1 detected water"
    elif location2 has detected water
    email "location2 detected water"
    Since multiple triggers aren't supported in HS3, what is the recommended approach in handling this.


    HS3PRO as a Fire Daemon service, Windows 2016 Server Std Intel Core i5 PC HTPC Slim SFF 4GB, 120GB SSD drive, WLG800, RFXCom, TI103,NetCam, UltraNetcam3, BLBackup, CurrentCost 3P Rain8Net, MCsSprinker, HSTouch, Ademco Security plugin/AD2USB, JowiHue, various Oregon Scientific temp/humidity sensors, Z-Net, Zsmoke, Aeron Labs micro switches, Amazon Echo Dots, WS+, WD+ ... on and on.

    The easiest way would be an Easy Trigger Group. There are variables that are populated by the triggering devices within the Group which can be used in the body of an email. Look toward the bottom of post #5

    Two other ways would be a single Event with multiple triggers, then put all of the devices replacement variables in the body, or several Events, each dedicated to a single sensor.