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Then actions fire without the Event firing if Event is not disabled

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  • Then actions fire without the Event firing if Event is not disabled

    I have a peculiar problem with my events, where they fire devices arbitrarily and does not log them, which I have tried to fix in a number of ways but have not resolved the issue but when I disable the event the problem goes away. Telling me that the presence of the event is the cause.

    The then instruction fires occasionally without leaving a track in the Log.

    So the log doesn’t show the occurrence but in fact the shade moves to the up position.

    I am setting a counter with the value of the position and this event traps the change and executes the move up. It works correctly but it initiates the Then instruction arbitrarily as well.

    If the event fires due to a change in the counter to 101, there is an entry into the log

    I can’t explain it…

    I have redone this event in so many ways, I am now using a counter, before I would write a more complex IF command that would fire the shade directly.

    Please help, what am I doing wrong?

    If I disable this event the arbitrary firing discontinues, so I believe there is an inconsistency in the event code.

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    Is there a screen shot of your event in your post? There appears to be something, but I could see only a default thumbnail. Please try posting a screen shot of your event again.
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