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Working with Events and time value?

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    Working with Events and time value?

    Setting up some automation for my 3d printer to automatically turn off.

    I have all the sensors set up already. How do I acheive the following.

    "if the nozzle temp is less than 30 degrees after the nozzle has been above 100 degrees for 15 minutes, then the event would be true" then turn off the switch.

    Doesn't seem like this can easily be acheived.

    How about this using EasyTrigger.

    IF NozzleTemperature "has been in range [100,9999] for exactly" 15 minutes
    THEN Set NozzleTempThresholdDevice to ON

    IF NozzleTemperature < 30 degrees
    AND IF NozzleTempThresholdDevice is ON
    THEN Set NozzleTempThresholdDevice to OFF
    THEN Turn off printer

    edit: I had an alternative way that on further thought wouldn't do everything you wanted so deleted it from the post.


      Yah Easy trigger has always came up when I ask event questions. one day I'll have to buy it. I found a way to make it work for me.