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HS3 device / event / endless loop caused by device Synchronization

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  • HS3 device / event / endless loop caused by device Synchronization

    With 100's of events and devices supervising all aspects of my household, I've run into a problem with a specific lamp (its primary hardware control = insteon lamp module. This device can become stuck in an endless on/off loop that cannot be shut off (stopped).
    I've considered at length a most effective method of another event taking charge of this “out of sync situation,” and ending it. It’s very hard to stop a run-away event double without shutting off events within HS3.
    The best trigger for this situation would be a sequence of this lamp being turned on, then off inside a set time period (let's use 3 seconds as a safe window).
    I recognize that "bad programming" may be some users' immediate thoughts, although this is not the case here. One of the triggers that can initiate this runaway loop is an IR signal from a coffee table remote being corrupted before its reception by an X-10 receiver module. This is a random occurrence depending on sunlight, etc. in the room. The event typically works perfectly to turn the device on or off.
    Any ideas how to shut off the (several) events related to this lamp module to allow resetting the lamp's insteon device and its insteon keypad button states? Sorry in advance for the length of this posting.

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    How is your event setup and how does a bad X10 signal cause a loop?


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      I think you'll need to post specifics of the events in question before anyone can begin to understand what is going on and offer any form of useful advice.
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        Thanks for sending this feedback. I'm sorry that I didn't continue checking for responses, and I've since solved this problem using other methods that are less complex. As we all know, X-10 mixed with other controls, PLC devices, and IR can become problematic.