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Called event not firing - Checkbox to evaluate called event's condition checked

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    Originally posted by mrizzo123 View Post
    I am running, below is an output of my system info. I could go with newer Beta version but I am wary of introduced new bugs at the core system. Is there a way to post bugs more directly to HomeSeer staff to see if it is already fixed somehow in upcoming release?
    I run beta's all the time and rarely have an issue with new bugs. I typically wait a few weeks till after a beta is released until I run it, unless it has a bug fix for something that I'm experiencing. As there are specific bug fixes for the problems that you are seeing in the latest beta, your choice are to either wait for the official release that incorporates these or run the beta. You could email and have them confirm if the issue that you are seeing is fixed in .528, but I suspect the answer will be to try it. Back up your system first in case you need to back out.
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      I agree with you on the Beta and also submitted via support to HS. They asked me to upgrade to Beta and test. I upgraded to the latest Beta and tested, and still see the issue. I reported this to the HS support person this morning. Hopefully it is reproducible on their side. For now just disabling group conditions, was not using a lot but was thinking to start that process, now I might wait a little.