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Are Event Executions Atomic?

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    Are Event Executions Atomic?

    Suppose I have two lights which are controlled exclusively by two events. The events execute frequently, but randomly with respect to one another. Each event contains two actions. The first event turns light A ON, then light B OFF. The second event turns light B ON, then light A OFF.

    Now suppose I create a third event which has the trigger specification: "IF device A changes and becomes ON, AND IF device B is ON" ....

    First question: Will the third event ever trigger?

    Now, modify the second event to turn light A OFF, then light B ON. (Same actions, but reversed sequence.)

    Second question is the same: Will the third event ever trigger?

    It would be timing dependent. Unfortunately stuff does not happen immediately, especially when you have zwave devices involved. Sometimes a zwave device will be slow to respond, sometimes not. So your "condition" could be true or false depending.