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AND IF command is not working

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  • AND IF command is not working

    For some reason I won’t get the basic AND IF command in a event working. See event below. As long as I take out the AND IF Command Based on time, the event starts.
    I have no idea if this has to do with the change to new hardware. My Pi3 is swapped fo a PI4.
    What do I miss or do wrong. Is there a basic setting that I need to consider?

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    According to the blue bar at top of your image, sunset is at 17:17, so your condition cannot ever be true:

    AND IF The time is before sunset, but after 21:00.


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      Good point. My mistake, I uploaded the wrong picture. When i change it to “sunrise” event also will not run.


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        HS sees "before sunrise" as 00:00 to sunrise (07:30 right now in your case). It sees "after 21:00" as 21:00 to 23:59:59. So your condition still can't be met.

        You'll need to either use EasyTrigger plugin's scheduling features, or something like the following:

        AND IF the time is after 21:00
        AND IF the time is before 23:59

        OR IF Motion
        AND IF the time is before sunrise but after 00:00.

        I think I read that having time span midnight is a planned feature for HS4.

        edit: corrected the OR IF part.


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          Here's one of Randy's great Event Clinic posts that addresses this quirk of HS3.



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            Thanks for the tip. After reading Randy’s clinic, thinks are more clear. I’m able now to adjust it to my needs.


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              Glad you got it working.