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Use tenScripting for writing Homeseer scripts

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  • Use tenScripting for writing Homeseer scripts

    I just discovered tenScripting a few weeks ago and it incredible. If you do scripting in Homeseer, tenScripting is an absolute must have.

    Homeseer scripting thru Homeseer is so archaic compared to doing your scripting with tenScripting.

    tenScripting uses Microsoft's Visual Studio development products. Scripts can be created using the Visual Editor that provides syntax checking and much more. You can view all your scripts on one screen with tenScripting. All you need to do is install MS Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition for free and then install tenScripting. The documentation for installing and using tenScripting is well documented with text and videos.

    My only regret is that I just started using tenScripting.