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    I have an issue with my Hometroller Zee events that I have not figured out how to solve. I thought I would ask the forum for any ideas.

    I had an event that triggered at 09:30 am if the Day of the Week was Sunday. The event set the Thermostat heat setpoint to 70 degrees and set the Mode to Heat. This event worked properly.

    I edited the above event and changed the time to 09:15 and added cooling setpoint to 72 and changed the mode to be Auto. I then changed the Name of the event from "Sunday Morning Heat" to "Sunday Morning Heat/AC"

    Now I have two events running, one at 09:15 (the revised event) and one at 09:30. The event at 09:30 is the original event prior to the edit and the log still shows the old event name. The old event does not appear in the event list so there is no way to delete it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Just grasping at straws. Did you shutdown and restart. Events and devices are written back to the dB at shutdown and read back on startup. Maybe the dB is checked at that time.

    If not that then roll back to a dB copy from before you revised the Event. If it hasn’t been too long, there may be one of the automatic dB backups in the data directory.
    Randy Prade
    Aurora, CO

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      I did not restart and you are probably right. I will give that a shot Saturday as this HS system is located at my church.