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Garage Door Automation reliability

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    I found a USB one on Amz soo I ordered it. What are you receiving the beacon signal with? is the range?


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      Originally posted by rprade View Post
      For iBeacons I purchased a handful of Twocanoes USB iBeacons from Amazon. Fortunately for me, I purchased 8 of them, unfortunately they are no longer available. There are many others out there, but I don’t know which are the best. I like the USB models, because I use accessory power in the vehicles to power them. They are only transmitting when the vehicle is on. I have one in each vehicle, including motorcycles.

      For the motion sensors, they are not just PIR, they are microwave and PIR combination units. They are mounted at a fairly sharp downward angle just over each side of a double garage. Dual mode sensors are very immune to false reporting, but will always report a person, vehicle or large dog. Our driveway is fairly short and the angle prevents the sensors from “seeing” the street traffic or even people walking by in the sidewalk. If a person walks even 5 feet up the driveway the sensors pick them up. The model is ISC-BDL2-WP6G. They have a rated range of 6 meters. That limited range also helps me limit triggering to things actually proximate to the garage door. They make a Is SC-BDL2-WP12G if you want more range. I got them from Amazon. Here is the data sheet. They are not outdoor rated, but they have been fine tucked up under the eaves since 2015.
      Randy I purchased the USB RadBeacon Can you give me some examples on how you have yours setup?...I'm going to install in my vehicle to trigger lights when dark outside and a Blue Iris profile to record all inside cameras when I'm away ect just to name a few. Also how are you receiving the Beacon Signal do I need a receiver outside?