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How to you prevent "range" event from repeating itself? (Energy monitoring)

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  • How to you prevent "range" event from repeating itself? (Energy monitoring)

    I have a NEM meter attached to my Washer/dryer. I wanted for it to speak when a cycle is complete and start. When using a "range" greater than or lesser than, the speak event keeps on repeating itself. How do I configure it so that it would do it just once when it goes above or below?

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    You could do it with a virtual device .

    when value goes in this range set VD to 1
    condition : if vd is not 1

    when value goes out of this range set vd to 0
    condition: if vd is not 0

    then use the vd to automate your things


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      What a simple but effective solution! I'm on it!


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        For most things that I monitor, I want repeated alerts if the condition still exists. Therefore I use a combination of "Cannot re-run for", and events that trigger every x hours or minutes, depending on what I'm monitoring.
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