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Reading variables from an email

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    Reading variables from an email

    I'm not sure what I should have called this so I created a new topic. I am not a programmer so I would like to use HS3 native event creation to accomplish the following:
    I inadvertently posted this topic under the BLLock forum before I realized it should be here (I think)
    I want to send an email to my system that will trigger an event that will read a 6 or 8 digit number and enter that number as a door lock code in a specific code location. Kind of like:

    If a received email is from or contains
    email from... anybody
    The email subject contains (matching text) ... guest code
    The body of the email contains (Matching text).."nnnnnn" (where nnnnnn is any 6 digit number)
    Or maybe
    The Body of the eMail Matches (Regular Expression):
    Then Z-Wave actions
    Network ABCDE
    Set a security user code
    Choose a device... "Front door lock"; Choose User Number... "199"; Enter code "nnnnnn" from the email above

    I have a hunch that I can do this using "regular expression" in the email but as I said I'm not a programmer so I don't know how/where to begin.
    Anybody have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.