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Unknown status (fibaro door window sensor)

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    Unknown status (fibaro door window sensor)

    Hello all,

    I noticed that one of my sensors sends a status "unkown event" to homeseer. Looking at the statuts graphics page it shows a value of 254. Googling this value, on other forums it says that this is a "deep sleep" value.
    I have an event: "when door becomes/changes to closed" it sends me a pushover message.

    The problem I have now:
    -Door is closed ( received a pushover message when it happened)
    -Some time later , Homeseer receives the "value 254 / unknown event/deep sleep".
    -The sensor awakens with door still closed >> I receive again a pushover message that the door is closed.

    Anyone has an idea how to tackle this issue?

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    This is a big maybe -- I don't have a Fibaro sensor. Although you don't say so explicitly, I gather that when the Fibaro wakes up, it determines that the door is closed and sends the "closed" status to HS. So HS would then be expected to change the device status from "unknown / deep sleep" to "closed" in response to the message.

    Assuming this is right, suppose you keep the same event trigger, but add an EasyTrigger AND IF condition that the same device has not been in the range 254 through 254 for at least, say, 2 seconds. So, if the status goes from 254 directly to "closed", the event should not trigger. But if it goes to "open", then subsequently to closed, your event should run.

    I hope this helps.


      ericg cg : Thank you very much. I think that is exactly what is going on.

      I didn't have the plugin from spud yet , so I just installed it , and set the event up as you said:
      Click image for larger version

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      Difficult to get my head around the 2 seconds and "not" statement, but I think I get the logic and that should do it.

      Again , many thanks for your help,


        Another way to deal with this is to create a virtual/status device that I refer to as "Position". Then create two events (one is shown below) using the Fabaro sensor to set the status to open or closed. The bogus "unknown event" is just ignored.

        Click image for larger version

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