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Virtual Device to control a device, manual opening

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    Virtual Device to control a device, manual opening

    My Setup: I have a UPB contact closure to control my Garage Door. I have a sensor in my DSC security system to know when the Door is open or closed.

    Why am I doing this: The contact Closure is not very friendly to Status and control. It closes the contact the has to return back to open.

    I created the Virtual device with the proper graphics.

    My goal: Use the virtual device to control the contact closure and report status (especially if the door is opened manually)

    I am attaching a screenshot of my trigger based event for the VIrtual Device to "Open" the Garge Door.

    Thoughts: How do I have the virtual device report the door status when it is either opened/closed manualy?

    Thanks for taking your time to help
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    So I found a post on something similar to what I want. I am wondering if I am doing this correct.

    Current Values 0=Open 100=Closed

    I added 1=open 99=closed

    Now I will attach the event that I created
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