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Eventing on groups of lights

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  • Eventing on groups of lights

    I'm looking for a relatively simple way to event on a whole group of lights being on, or off, without having to explicitly list the entire group of lights in the event.

    I just installed a couple of WD-200 switches, one at each door of the house. I'd like to control the LEDs to let me know if 1) Any of the upstairs lights are on, 2) any of the basement lights are on, 3) any of the main floor lights are on. The idea is I can have a double, triple or quadruple tap to shut them off (or just do all lights in the house).

    I know I can create events that say "if this light is on" or "if that light is on" or "if the other light is on". But It would be super swell if I could find a general way to group lights together and just say "If any of these are on". Anyone got ideas on the subject?


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    Oooh, I just realized that EasyTrigger has device groups. I'm gonna go play with that for a bit.....


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      Hmmm... EasyTrigger will work to help me turn all group devices off, but doesn't appear to have the ability to trigger on "All devices in group" only "Any devices in group" to do a trigger on. So I'll ask here in case there's a different way.

      I'd like to trigger on a group of lights all being set to off. With EasyTrigger I can say "If Any lights in a group are on, set this LED status light". But I have no way to say "If ALL lights in a group are off, then reset this LED status light". I don't want to turn the status light off if ANY of them go off, only if ALL of them ARE off. (or potentially, if a light gets set to off, and all remaining lights are already off)

      I know I could do this manually, specifying every single light on every event. But there's got to be a better way....


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        Ok, solved here: