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Possible to have an event cancel another event?

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    Possible to have an event cancel another event?

    I have an event for my garage and gate that updates a Virtual device that would open/close them by triggering the dry contact based on the status of the sensors.

    Last night at 5am, i got an alert that my garage was open. For whatever reason, one of the sensor got triggered to open which also triggered the virtual device and in return triggered the vent that would open my garage.

    Is it possible to have one event that would prevent another event from running?

    You can with the EasyTrigger plugin. It has event actions to Enable/Disable other events.

    That being said, there's probably alternate ways to accomplish your goal. Can you provide some additional information on exactly what is happening? It's not clear to me exactly what you're doing, and how you want to prevent it - it sounds like you're saying opening the gate triggers the virtual device to change, which in turn triggers the garage door? What is the purpose of the Virtual Device (ie. is it a virtual state for the garage door based on the status of one of several multiple sensors being triggered, etc)? How are you thinking of preventing the situation from occuring? ie. The event you would use to disable your garage door opening event - what would that event base the "disable" action on?




      You can create a virtual device and have it's state be a condition on the event. Turn the device on (or off) to prevent the event from running.
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        Here's what the actual event looks like Click image for larger version

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        Sometime I find that my virtual device status doesn't sync up with the sensor I rely on this event to sync them up.
        Click image for larger version

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          Originally posted by Uncle Michael View Post
          You can create a virtual device and have it's state be a condition on the event. Turn the device on (or off) to prevent the event from running.
          This might be a solution. have the event trigger the VD to make the other event "untrue" before it triggers.


            Ok. And what is the goal? You said you want to have an event be able to disable another event. Which event do you want to disable, and what are the conditions for disabling it? ie. Do you want to disable the Gate Control Open event between a certain time, or on demand, or what is your idea for disabling the event?


              end goal is if someone bumps the garage door that might trigger the tilt sensor and triggers the event that updates the Virtual device status that it woudl not trigger the event that would open the gate.

              This actually happened last night at 5am. I was woken up with an alert that my garage door was open. I traced it back to the event that updates the virtual device status.


                Ok, cool. So normally if the tilt sensor gets triggered, it will update the Virtual Device, that would in turn open the gate. What would you like to use as the factor that decides NOT to open the gate? Time based (ie between 10pm-8am) or do you have some other factor you could try to use?


                  We use PHLocation and iBeacons in our vehicles. The trigger is our cellphone enters a geofence and the condition is that the iBeacon in the vehicle is Near. We’ve found this to be the most reliable for us.


                    when these sensors are triggered, is it momentary or does it stay on for a period of time say 4 or 5 seconds ? I had a contact on my garage door and do to a cold solder joint on a power supply it would glitch maybe once or twice a month and as soon as it did my ocelot would glitch the contact for less than a second. then there would be the speech in the house "garage door opening".
                    So I do not annouce it unless the contact has been in the on state for at least 3 seconds, so if it glitches it wont speak.



                      It's very brief, similar to you, if my sensor trigger open, it announce through Google assistant that it's open. That's what work me up.

                      I added another virtual device called "gate & garage disarm" and just hide it from view

                      I then added that to the trigger so it can only run if it's "on"

                      Then on the event that's responsible for updating the status of the "controller" it will disarm "gate & garage disarm" device, wait for 2 seconds then update the "controller status" then rearm the gate and garage disarm device.

                      As long as Homeseer do what it's supposed to do, this adds a layer of protection.


                        Yes EasyTrigger can do this. I have a couple of events that disable/enable each other to achieve various sequences.