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Dome Water Sensor Event

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    Dome Water Sensor Event

    All my lighting is run on UPB but I do have some zwave water sensors, door locks and repeaters. Since I only have a few zwave items my mesh is not the strongest and sometimes communication with Homeseer is lost.

    I have an event that sends an alarm and email message if the sensor senses water. My concern is if the mesh gets broken, I would never know if there is a leak.

    Is there and event that I can set up that will notify me by email if communication has ceased with the zwave network and homeseer?

    I noticed that Homeseer checks the battery level of the sensor periodically so I pulled the battery from one of the sensors and set up an email event stating if there was "invalid/error state" but there was no event triggered.

    Could I set up the system to see if the battery check date hasn’t changed in a number of hours/days to send an email?

    any help would be appreciated.

    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    I can think of a couple of ways you might approach your problem. One possible solution requires two events and a supporting virtual device:

    Call the virtual device "Received Battery Report". Set it up to have values True or False.

    Define Event A to trigger IF, for the battery device you are monitoring, "This device just had its value set or changed". The action statement is THEN "Control a Device" to set the value of Received Battery Report True.

    Define Event B to trigger IF the virtual device Received Battery Report has been True for exactly 1 day, or whatever the time when you start to worry. There are two event actions: THEN <set device Received Battery Report False>, THEN <send your communication problem email>.

    Under normal conditions, the battery will report its level, say, every couple of hours. Because the virtual device is getting its value set True every couple of hours, even if the battery level is not changing, it will never have been set for exactly 1 day, and Event B will therefore never trigger. But if a day goes by without any trigger of Event A, then Event B should trigger, and you will get your email.

    There is a caveat. When you create your virtual device, go to its Configuration tab and examine the option called "Do not update device last change time if device value does not change." The box for this option should NOT be checked.

    Be sure to trigger Event B with the option "exactly", rather than "at least". That will ensure that you get only one email per system failure.

    I haven't tried this, but I think it will work.


      Look for a free plugin called SDJ-Health. It will monitor for the periodic wake-up of battery powered devices and you can set up alerts if the wake-ups have been missed.
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        thank for the quick responses! the SDJ-Health plugin worked perfectly.