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How do I create a “scene” or groups?

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    How do I create a “scene” or groups?

    This thread does a good job of explaining the event engine.
    one thing I don’t see in HS4 is any way to create “scenes” which can go on, off or 25%, 75% etc. i have to duplicate the event and reset each setting. For a room with multiple lights, that is a small hassle, and something that may be in HS that I cannot find.
    Right now, I am using Alexa and the homeseer
    skill to accomplish this, Alexa allows groups or scenes, and I can do exactly this. “Open blinds to 80%”, and presto.

    it would be nice to automate this in HS, if temp is over 80, then set blinds to 50% etc.

    any ideas? I feel I may be missing something? Listing all the devices in the event individual devices can do this, but if I add a new device to the “group”, I have to individually edit each event. Thanks, David

    A scene is a combination of controlled events which are activated based on a certain time of day or some other event, like a garage door opening or a pressing a specific button. In the classic sense a scene is a collection of actions; ie an event. As such they are depreciated. You can find scene management under the zwave plugin; there is a heading for 'scene management'.

    When you tell alexa to set your blinds to 50%, you are not actually running a scene; alexa is processing your request and sending a command to set the blinds to 50%. I agree this is a very nifty thing, but it's not really a scene. In HS, a scene could be called by an event, but they don't run on their own. So using your example of the temp > 80 open blinds to 50% would be done as an event.

    Yes listing all devices can be tedious, but there is no way around that short of writing a script, or using EasyTrigger's dynamic group perhaps.
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