The folks at HomeSeer offered to create this forum and I offered to help populate it with instructional posts about the various functions of the HS3 Event Engine. While the help documentation provides the basic instructions needed to create an event, the goal of these threads will be to explain in detail and step by step how to create events to be used within your HomeSeer HS3/HS3 Pro installation.

Please refer to the Table of Contents post to navigate the threads.

These threads are to be geared toward the general user, with the primary goal of making it possible for any user to create events that will drive the automation of their home. We will try to focus on events, with only minimal discussion of scripts.

The initial topics to be covered are:

These threads are to be a work in progress and are likely going to contain some errors from time to time. I ask that if you find errors, have suggestions for additional topics, have suggestions for improvement in format or any other comments on the threads created in this forum please send a PM to rprade. If you wish to make contributions please contact me as well. We really want this to be a group effort and we want to maintain some consistency in how the information is formatted and presented. This forum will be moderated as the initial threads are built. It will likely build slowly, but it is our hope to provide a concise but thorough explanation of the very powerful Event Engine provided as the core of HS3. As questions come up on this board, the above initial list will be expanded if needed.

Just a quick disclaimer, I am not employed by HomeSeer and this forum is provided as a user to user resource. Anything posted within this forum is the responsibility of the individual posting the information and is not to be construed as an official communication from HomeSeer technologies, LLC.

If you need technical help from directly HomeSeer Technologies, please use the channels outlined on the Support page.