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    Conditions and triggers have a lot of common functions, but a completely different focus. As we said above when covering triggers, a trigger is in all but a very few rare exceptions a “moment in time”. As a general rule they rely on a change in status of a device, a specific time of day or anything else that occurs at a specific split-second and then is no longer valid.

    Conditions can be best described as filters, allowing the processing of an event to continue if they are true. Consider a condition “IF the M&M candy is green” would allow only green M&Ms through the filter, it would reject (or not be TRUE) for every other color. If we add an additional condition of “AND IF the M&M candy is peanut”, then all green M&M peanut candies would be allowed through the filter, it would reject all other plain M&Ms and all peanut M&Ms that are a color other than green. A set of conditions can be continually true as opposed to a trigger that should only be a moment in time. Using the analogy above, a trigger for this event would be “IF an M&M has been received”. So a blue M&M arrives, which triggers the event, but since it is not green, the conditions are not met and the event does not continue. The trigger is only true at the moment the M&M is received, it would not be true if an M&M was there.

    To add a condition you click on the “+” symbol to the right of the trigger. As is standard within the Event editing system, this symbol means to add something, in this case since you are adding it to a trigger, it will be a condition. As with all of the editing icons a tooltip will let you know what is going to happen. You will not that this tooltip says “Add trigger or condition”. Right now we will be adding a condition, we will cover additional triggers later in this thread after we cover conditions, but it is very important to remember that conditions must immediately follow the trigger and only apply to the trigger they follow. Any new trigger must be followed by its own specific conditions. For now, let’s stick with a single trigger with conditions event.

    Once you have clicked on the “+” symbol, you are presented with a new line beginning with “AND IF”. That is your first condition.

    Conditions are always preceded by the “AND IF” statement. You will notice a dropdown on the left side that gives you a choice between AND IF or OR IF.

    If you change the selection to OR IF, it is no longer a condition, it becomes a completely separate trigger within the event. This is an advanced topic that we will cover later in this thread and when we begin constructing events, but on a simple condition following a primary trigger, you should always use AND IF. You can also add more conditions by clicking on the “+” symbol to the right of the first condition. There is no stated limit to the number of conditions added to a trigger, but you need to remember they are each evaluated one by one and every condition must be TRUE in order for the event to run. Below is an example of an event with multiple conditions.

    In the above event it will trigger at 12:00AM. The first condition must be met as a Tuesday, the second condition requires it to be an even day of the month and the final condition requires it to be an odd day of the year. All three conditions must be evaluated in order and each one must be true in order for the event to run and perform the action desired by the event. The first time this year all of these conditions are all true is on February 10, since it is a Tuesday, the 10th is an even day of the month and February 10 is the 41st day of the year which is odd.

    In HomeSeer the base program has a group of standard conditions that are very similar to triggers, but allowing for a much broader set of circumstances. These triggers are time, date or value focused. They can be further refined by equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, etc., allowing you to broaden or sharpen the focus of the condition(s). Below is a screenshot of the base group of conditions provided.

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