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    Originally posted by macromark View Post
    Tom - Why don't you just create ONE virtual device "season" and assign "Winter", "Spring", "Summer" and "Fall" to it in the status graphics tab. Then change this one device to the appropriate value at the dates you want. Since the one device can only have one value at a time, that prevents any overlap.
    That's how I would do it. However, note that Alexa won't be able to control such a device. In your case it probably doesn't matter if you never want to override the status via voice command through Alexa. In my case I have a Location device with Home, Away, Vacation, Sleep. But with that I can't change the status via Alexa. So I also created individual Home, Away, Vacation and Sleep devices which I can control via Alexa and which then sets the Location device.

    Actually, as I write this, maybe I could just have created events, give it a voice command and then use that for Alexa. Hence I wouldn't need those additional 4 devices.