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Cyclic timer?

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    Cyclic timer?


    One of my clients bought homeseer with plcbus plugin. Everything works perfect by now.
    Now, he wants to automate one of his appliance modules to turn on and off on a very basic schedule.
    He wants it ON 10 minutes every 30 minutes. In a ciclyc pattern.
    Is this possible? I can't find an option to do that.

    Thanks in advance!

    A recurring event would do it:

    If the event will automatically trigger every 30m, 0s
    Then set device pump to On
    Then set device pump to Off
    after a delay of 10 minutes, 0 seconds

    If you want a 30 minute Off state, then change the trigger to 40m, 0s.


      Cyclic Timer or toggle on off or duty cycle

      rprade thanks for the suggestion i need to create this exact thing i am trying to automate a water pump to cycle on and off based on time ... i can't seem to find what you are suggesting.

      Click image for larger version

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      i could use some guidance here understanding how to create the automatic event reocurring

      the conditions are after sunrise
      week days Monday thru Friday
      pump on 10 minutes
      pump off 30 minutes


        Is this what you have in mind? (With your device, of course.)
        The event will run ever 40 minutes if the time is after sunrise on a weekday. The device will turn on for the first 10 minutes, then be off for 30 minutes.
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          Pump Cycle Timer

          Uncle Michael many thanks for your guidance and example.

          Your example is exactly what I was looking for .... I appreciate this, I have modified this for my devices.....

          Click image for larger version

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