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Event to sync thermostats

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    Event to sync thermostats

    Here's out scenario. We recently moved to a high-rise condo. Our unit is loft style (all the interior walls save the bathrooms do not extend up to the ceiling). It's a two-bedroom unit that was created from two one-bedroom units.

    As a result, we have two thermostats, which is silly. One of them is in the guest bedroom and a bit hard to get to, which is even sillier. Because the layout is open, there's really no need to have to two separately controlled thermostats, and we've found that what we typically do when changing the temperature is to go over to one thermostat, change the temperature, and then go over to the other one to change it so that they're in sync.

    I got my TBZ48 thermostats working (they you HomeSeer! Beta .94 of the Z-Wave plug-in did the trick), and figured I'd automate the thermostat synchronization.

    This is VERY easy to do with the help of the EasyTrigger plug-in. For each of cooling setpoint, heating setpoint, fan mode, and mode (heat/cool/auto), I created an event. If the value of any of these devices at the primary thermostat changes, the event triggers. The action is then simply to set the corresponding device at the secondary thermostat equal to the device at the primary thermostat that just changed. EasyTrigger has an action just for this -- "set device to device."

    The attached screenshot shows one of the events, for cooling setpoint changing.

    I've tested everything out, and it works great. It takes maybe one second or two for the primary setpoint to report back to HomeSeer, for HomeSeer to trigger the event and send the command to the secondary setpoint, and for the secondary setpoint to be changed.

    WAF is VERY high.
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