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root node - no node ID but still reacts. How can I fix that ?

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  • root node - no node ID but still reacts. How can I fix that ?

    I have a Everspring on/off module with power metering. The power metering stopped working, so I wanted to do a rescan. I noticed the root device shows as no node ID. The child device which turns it on and off still works, and switches it on and off. On the child device it gives me a node 34 which is what it must have been. I cannot select 34 of the root, it does not come up on the available selection when I try to change no node ID.
    How can I repair this ? I could exclude and include but then I have to change all my events, tasker action etc...

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    I have exactly the same issue - node 34 now has "no node id"
    did you have a solution?


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      Have had the same a couple of times. Had to remove the node and reinclude it.


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        Unfortunately excluding and re including was the only solution I found. But at least its not just my system with weird errors...


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          I also posted about it here -
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