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    Light automation advice

    Originally posted by HiIQHA View Post
    Well, not quite immediate. Regular alarm zones typically need to be faulted for around 400ms before reporting. Some panels allow that to be configured shorter on some of the zones. I think it's up to 8 zones on the DSC. I went with Elk because they support fast loop response configuration on all zones allowing it to be as short as 10ms.


    Yea this isn't an issue for those looking. I do notice the delay, because I am looking for it. So I see the light turn on as I open the door, VS it seeming it was on when the door is opened. My wife doesn't notice and she is my biggest critic.

    This delay is a non issue. And the DSC panel is the best route for cheap and reliable.


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      Here with the Leviton Omni Pro 2 panel went to using many ceiling plus wall mounted wired PIRs with simple if then automation statements controlling the UPB, X10, Z-Wave or Zigbee lighting. You can virtually loop zones in combination to track motion if you want with the panel.

      IE: for the GDO / garage lighting use multiple hardware wired mechanisms to trigger lighting (wired GDO, wireless RFID, wired PIRs and wired door switches).

      Ceiling mounted PIRs are Rokonet sensors. Easy second floor installation and difficult first floor installation.

      I have been updating the older PIR sensors to combination PIR / Microwave sensors over the last few weeks. (added two 16 zone expansion boards here over the last few years to bring numbers to 48 zones).

      Due to WAF and eventually not wanting the inside late after normal hours follow me lighting have disabled most of the events here. I do also have 24/7 EL non switched lighting which glows and illuminates bathrooms and hallways. (occupancy using wired sensors / logic statements still is not a sure bet). I keep 2 wired keypads on line and wife prefers the keypads over the touchscreens and she prefers the older serially connected touchscreens with big buttons over the POE network connected touchscreens with small buttons. (sure bet security functions are fastest with keypads). Turned off keypad/console illumination / HS text to speech after hours and enabled simple chimes for perimeter area motion (outside was set up as quadrants). I do also utilize UPB links for triggers (like a double tap of a 4th toggle on one multiple load multiple toggle switch).
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