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Replacing a "good" device

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  • Replacing a "good" device

    Read about 10 threads on this... all seem to be a tad different. Just want to run this by you all.

    I want to replace a GE lamp dimming module with a Zooz Zen06 appliance module - don't use the dimming for this lamp, and like the USB port addition.

    I can use the replace function in the root device, but to work correctly, the existing node needs can't be communicating with HS3 - so it looks broken. I can do this by just unplugging the existing GE module, then going through the replace, but then need to somehow exclude the GE if i ever want to use it again.

    To exclude, i think i have 3 options:
    1. find some software that i can put on a PC with an old Aeotec Zstick, create a new network, and exclude that way.
    2. finally find a use for my old vera :-)
    3. go across the street to a neighbors that also runs zwave and exclude on his.

    For the new Zooz device, it should show up fine in all events, etc. However as it's a different class device, will that be a problem?

    What did i miss or don't know?

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    Interesting question. I use to simply reset the old device, but with recent Z-Wave plugin versions that will trigger a device deletion in HS3 and removes the node and all child devices, making the "replace" useless.

    Recently I had to exclude and include several (Qubino) devices because I added a temperature sensor that would only be recognized after re-inclusion. My workaround was to backup the Z-Wave interface, stop HS3, backup the HS3 directory, start HS3, exclude the devices, stop HS3 again, restore the HS3 directory, start HS3, restore the Z-Wave interface (so both HS3 and the Z-Wave interface believed all excluded devices were still included) and then I could easily "replace" the devices, while keeping the same node numbers and all device references.


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      FYI... the replace option did NOT work in my case. It pretended to take it, but the device did not work. had to start from scratch with the two devices.

      that said, i like the zooz modules. work well.


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        I have the ZEN07 mini plugs by zooz and they work great also. I am not affiliated but the zen21, 22, 23, 24 work great too.


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          I tried to use replace also when changing out a working zwave switch. My experience was the same as yours. I had to delete the device and add the new switch from scratch. At the time I chalked it up to user error. Makes me wonder if anyone has gotten replace to work?


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            For me it worked. But I replaced it with the exact same device and firmware.