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How do I reset ALL networks, interfaces and nodes

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    How do I reset ALL networks, interfaces and nodes

    Short version is that I seem to have made a dog's breakfast of my entire HS3Pro networks, interfaces and nodes. I was attempting to transition from a Zwave stick to a Znet and something has gone horribly wrong. I have tried all my backups and searched the forums but it just keeps looking worse.

    I am now left with 3 z-wave networks that I cannot delete due to errors that there are devices associated with the networks.

    I cannot seem to delete all the nodes on the z-wave interfaces even when I use the "erase this interface and create a new network" option.

    To be honest I am happy to associate all of my devices with my Znet from scratch again, however I cannot figure out how to do this.

    I am wanting to keep all of my events in the process, however if this is not possible then I am resolved to entering all of these again as well.

    TLDR - how to do I reset all of my networks, interfaces and node information in HS3Pro so that I can enter my devices again from scratch?

    All thoughts appreciated.

    I have no idea if it will work but maybe try removing all the nodes first by using "Remove/Exclude a Node" command (under "Plug-Ins"->"Z-Wave"->"Controller Management"). If that won't work try "Remove Bad Node" that can be found under "Z-Wave" of the root device under "Device Management". There is also a "Delete" button under "Configuration" tab.


      I don't know if this will work, and I would get confirmation from HST first, but when you do a backup in the zwave plugin it creates a file, in my case ZNet_Network 003D0C47_003D0C47_2017-06-01_07.48.43.ZWave that I just tried today, so maybe deleting all of these files could remove everything.

      Like I said, I would call HST and get their preferred way to start over.