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AVG kills HS3

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  • AVG kills HS3

    I have just had my AVG free antiviral software decide that HS3.exe contains a virus and it removed it to quarantine. When I replaced it, it did it again.
    I have had to replace AVG with another antiviral.
    Anyone else seeing this?

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    Issues with Avast, too....
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station

    Enabled Plug-Ins: AmbientWeather | BLLock | BLUPS | Device History | EasyTrigger | MeiHarmonyHub | 3.0.6681.34300: UltraCID3 | 3.0.6644.26753: UltraLog3 | 3.0.6554.33094: UltraMon3 | weatherXML | Z-Wave | 3.0.51: HS Touch Designer | Z-Seer+


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      AVG kills HS3

      This is a common problem with many of the applications I use at home. Most of those free applications assume the computer is a web browsing machine and are not aware of 3rd party services that you want to run in the background 24x7. What's more HS3 may do weird stuff like control a USB device, or run pings to a node on your network. To a simple AV tool this could look nefarious. I would recommend creating exclusions for the DB Files, and executables related to HS3 and its plugins.

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        Same with Norton

        ...but I just excluded the Homeseer /HSTouch directories and their backup directories on a separate server. Relatively easy in Norton; it just skips over the directories...otherwise the heuristics picks up and quarantines a load of different files.
        HS3 Pro Shuttle XS36VL Atom PC - Win 7 Pro 32 / HCSII / Insteon / Z-Wave & SmartStick+ / DSC 1832 - PC5108 - IT100 / 651 devises & 154 events
        Plug-Ins: APCUPSD / BLDSC / BLiTunes / BlueIris / BLMarantz / BLShutdown / Device History / HCS2 / Insteon / Jon00 Network Monitor / Jon00 DB Charting / PHLocation2 / WeatherXML / Z-Wave