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Cannot reach node (but within range)

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  • Cannot reach node (but within range)

    Lost power last night...came back on and now there is a node that barely responds. It's a jasco power switch for outside lights in my detached garage. Because of the distance, there is a Aeotec repeater slave in the front of the garage. My CT100 thermostat is on the rear wall, and it properly communicates, so I don't know why my jasco switch isn't responding. It works fine, and when I test connectivity, every 10th or so try will yield success, but I can't optimize it, and the Last Return Route shows "None."
    If I had to guess, it ran Z-health (not sure why it was checked because I had turned it off) at 2am when power was still out, but the main house was still on generator power and it couldn't reach that particular node.

    I keep trying to optimize it, but "Optimization not executed, cannot reach node."