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Questions on Parent & Child Devices - Naming, Event usage, etc

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  • Questions on Parent & Child Devices - Naming, Event usage, etc

    I noticed something odd (aka crappy), or I'm doing it wrong or missing something…

    I’m making a few basic events to turn my espresso machine on & off at specific times (See attached screenshot for Parent & Child Devices)

    When I select a Device in the Event I must scroll through ALL Parent & Child devices to select. I have a ton and the naming is default Homeseer provided except I renamed the parent devices… Is there a way to enable a tree view so we can scroll way less and choose the Parent, then select the Child under it?

    If not, this means we must manually rename all Child devices (I have 160+ currently) just so we can scroll through all the children devices and know what the heck they are associated to!?

    Please tell me I'm missing something to make this easier? Or at least a script exists to rename all Children to include the Parent's name?

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    Notice the check boxes to the left of each device... and the drop down box at the top of the device management page. You can group change names/rooms/categories very easily. And NO REBOOT (like vera) :-)


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      The critical naming is the specific end point that you need to control and not the parent.

      The use of rooms and floors are configured in the setting and there is a thread on this in forum that provide how others are employing this to refine their usability.

      In my case I use floor (renamed) to define the generic type, I.e lights, appliance, windows, security or entertainment etc, even though I have a multi-story house, because the rooms names a distrinct and I don't control by a single floor. So you have flexibility.

      Also if you are enrolling devices, try the z-tools+ mobile app as this asks for device name, room and floor when you are including the device.