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India tryng to break into HSTOUCH server

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  • India tryng to break into HSTOUCH server

    My log shows an attempt to contact the HSTOUCH server. I do not have the ports open through the router. How does the server "see" that ip address?

    May-18 09:18:31HSTouch ServerClient has DISCONNECTED.May-18 09:18:31HSTouch ServerClient ( has raised LineDisconnected.May-18 09:18:31HSTouch Server WarningClient dropped connection 09:18:26Z-WaveDevice: Living Room Camera Back Door Camera Camera Watts Set to 1.898 (1.898 Watts)May-18 09:18:15HSTouch ServerOpening connection from: 09:18:15HSTouch ServerClient has DISCONNECTED.May-18 09:18:15HSTouch ServerClient ( has raised LineDisconnected.May-18 09:18:15HSTouch Server WarningClient dropped connection 09:18:00HSTouch ServerOpening connection from:

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    Maybe your camera punched a hole via UPnP
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      India tryng to break into HSTOUCH server

      Lots of IOT devices are configured to phone home. Many of them are even configured to traverse firewalls and set up all the necessary configuration through UPNP enabled firewalls.

      What types of IOT devices do you have on your network?

      With a good low/medium end business firewall it is pretty scary to see the amount of activity they push to and from the public Internet. Many of the law nicer firewalls allow you to block access to the Internet or even block public Internet access by region of the world.

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