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Controlling several switches as one

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  • Controlling several switches as one

    I have three light switches that I would like to control as one. If any switch is manually turned on using the physical switch, all switches will turn on and if any is turned off, all will turn off. I am new to HS3, so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place.

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    Look at the HS switches. They have the ability to trigger events off a single/double/triple tap. I do this very same thing with them very easily.

    HS in recent software updates has added in linked devices that can do similar, but it's not as granular as above and if you don't have instant status switches (HS are), it won't work reliably.


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      Click on your switches and at the bottom of the device properties there's the ability to link devices.


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        I give that a try. Thanks!